Getting familiar with Couchbase for .NET SDK 3

Collections and Scopes

Documents of similar types makes a collection, which in turn a part of a bucket.
Buckets consist of Collectins which contains documents.
  • The logical grouping of similar documents, potentially simplifying operations such as query, XDCR (Cross Data Centralized Replication), and backup and restore.
  • The increased efficiency of indexing, due to the Data Service being able to provide documents from specific collections to the Index Service.
  • Simplified querying, since query statements are able more easily to specify particular subsets of documents from Scope-Collection combination.
  • Easier migration from relational databases to Couchbase Server, since collections, can be designed to correspond to pre-existing relational tables.
    Parallel to RDBMS,
    The bucket is adjacent to Database.
    The scope is adjacent to Schema.
    The collection is adjacent to Table.
    The document is adjacent to Row.
  • Secure isolation of different document-types, within a bucket, allowing applications to be specifically authorized to use only their appropriate subsets of data

Asynchronous Programming

TTL Support in Query

N1QL Query and Indexing Enhancements

Get Document

Exception Handling




Software Developer | Technology enthusiast.

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Piyush Doorwar

Piyush Doorwar

Software Developer | Technology enthusiast.

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